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Wind and Doctrine

Let’s sit down for a muffin and some coffee sometime together and ponder our future as followers of Jesus. A moment of peace and comfort from time to time helps steady one’s resolve for more readiness to be poured out in Jesus’ style of servant-hearted ministry!

We hear the clear warning together to not be carried along by every wind of doctrine. God makes it clear throughout His holy Word that we are not to be swayed by emotional tendencies of culture but rather by the Spirit working through God’s Word among genuine and Jesus-fixated followed of the way of God in this world.

Our family of believers is jumping into the book of the Bible I can struggle most with, and yet I’m enjoying this set of videos to help is not get too overwhelmed with speculation. The book? Revelation.

The simplified focus? Faithfulness to following Jesus. A great reminder? This letter was first and foremost written to seven specific churches and we should first read this as a letter to them. As far as “end times theology,” we can agree to disagree on a lot of the speculation about timing, and we can heartily agree on the conclusion that we all must have a singular focus upon staying true to the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord and our hope is built on no one else! We must stand united around the truth until our dying breaths that Jesus Christ died to save sinners of whom we each are the foremost! If we all come together without excuse and daily worship our risen Lord Jesus, He will continually and daily send us out to make disciples at the risk of our safety and comfort in this life, spilling His people out into the communities where He has placed them for the rescue of the hurting, dying, lonely, and sinful. Jesus discriminated in a way the world can’t understand except with the heart. Jesus sought out those we avoid in our arrogance and short memories. We forget that it has not been long since we too walked in darkness and then saw a great light, the light of Jesus Christ in loving relationships with genuine followers of Jesus.

Cling to Christ, dear brothers and sisters! May we know and follow hard after our ransom-paying Jesus!

– Torrey

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