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Questions Around the Dinner Table

They say the school of hard knocks is often encountered in the work and financial aspects of our life in particular. It’s my belief that the school of hard knocks can’t compare to the college of hard knocks which is initiating, keeping, and cultivating good relationships. Is it not true that our most fulfilling moments in life are those in which we realize there is vitality and health in our most important relationships?

Knowing and following God is a daily opportunity in cultivating a relationship, and yet it’s Founder and Perfecter is Jesus Himself through His death for us and His Spirit in us.

Yesterday was a harder day for me because of some more staunch rejection as I went house to house as the owner of my business making personal introductions. My hope of course is not to just offer my products but to become someone in these people’s lives who is trustworthy and who will care for them with my team’s specialties all working together so my clients are cared for with excellence. Personally I hope to form really good friendships with some of my clients or at least community members as I meet people in this way even if they don’t become clients, and by God’s grace I have formed dozens of wonderful relationships through this old tradition of agency owner introductions face-to-face. It isn’t a first up topic by any stretch, but I enjoy hearing people’s perspectives on our town, our families and friends, and faith and love and all the rest. We end up talking of late about priorities around the holiday season.

This week I’ve been asking people two questions to get us thinking together about our priorities. People seem to enjoy these questions.

The first has to do with the holidays and is my favorite of the two questions. I’m simply asking people to consider what questions they will be asking their loved ones while hopefully doing some resting and reflecting on life and priorities together.

Pre-thinking loving and genuine questions is a powerful act of love when it comes to cultivating health in our relationships. My in-laws modeled this when I met them and ever since in a beautiful way and some of my most respected friends also model this so well. It shows real interest and love.

Our God poses questions of us too throughout our days if we would only listen.

In my prayers this morning, I am asking God to draw us as His people into a humbler following of Jesus. May we enter God’s presence like a child enjoying his or her Father’s loving questions, carefully crafted to draw us into deeper trust and faithful following of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

In the joy of our ransom-paying Redeemer,

– Torrey

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