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Alone? No…

While reading in Revelation and praying for God’s peace and purpose for today, I thought of an image after seeing some grapevines piled up along the train tracks here in California. The Amtrak was cruising me smoothly past a large amount of grape vine piles, ready for the fire, with the dozer still doing his work with many more piles still to be made. These piles are about 18′ tall and will burn very hot. I saw a vision of grapes being grown in a more rugged environment and found this picture that fits the vision nicely.

We struggle and encounter suffering and feel as though God is just going to scoop us up with everyone else one day and our lives won’t matter in the end. Not so! God makes it very clear that for the one who endures and clings to the great Husbandman, Jesus Christ Himself, we will endure and be found in Him, the Vine, our Life, the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

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