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Scarcity and Genuine Jesus-Followers

There is a scarcity of genuine Jesus-followers.  I only have a couple of minutes to write this post, but I felt a strong prompting to make this statement while in a place of peace and prayer with our Lord.  We are all totally falling short day-in and day-out of God’s glory, and yet is it not totally refreshing when you see someone running hard after the heart of God, wanting to experience the joy of fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit, the One Who hears every fear, every thought, every concern voiced with faith to our God!  This God cares and hears and loves us tenderly!   All we need to do is to go to Him in faith, especially when joined with other genuine Jesus followers, and we will encounter God in such sweet ways in these moments of sweet surrender to His might and love and glory and pathways for us, His children!

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