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GOD’s Blog & Clearing the Chaos

My sister-in-law was reviewing a book start I had recently written and we agreed that it reads like a blog thus far. This was no surprise since blogging is the primary form of writing I do regularly along with prayer journaling. She encouraged me that it is raw and honest and that this can be refreshing for readers. It is exposing and takes intentionality to be vulnerable not to get attention but to encourage one’s readers. This goes well with the over-all idea of healthy vulnerability. The tree in this photo was getting trimmed this morning as I walked to work.

It’s refreshing to see sky through it’s branches and life be able to happen instead of darkness underneath it. While doing my introductions in the past in this neighborhood, the residents of this home and I discussed how grand this tree is, one of the most beautiful along my walk. This pruning and trimming is what we need in order to see the goodness all around us and to experience life as light and love have more room to in-dwell our inner parts allowing healthier and more generous living.

God does not communicate like bloggers do. He does however care about the topics that are bothering or encouraging us. He enjoys our worship of Him and celebration of His kindness to us. He responds with kindness when we simply ask for His presence and comfort, for His provision of His reminders that He is good and is allowing difficulties to bring us even closer to Him in trust and in His love.

All of that said, He doesn’t let us into His day by day thoughts unless we are ready to actually recognize His voice. In that sense God is very much not a blogger. The Jehovah’s Witness community treats God like a blogger with their hope that the Watchtower writers are hearing God’s voice and properly publishing His conclusions. Dangerous assumption.

God loves to show us grace and to whisper kind words of faithfulness and virtue and love and family belonging into our spiritual ears. God does have a divine consciousness and His communion with us is constant whether we recognize and enjoy it or not.

Like a river, God pours out His favor and friendship in our lives. We simply need to tune into His frequencies in His Word, Spirit, and Gospel and along with God’s other children seeking His heart above all.

As I drove through town in my rusty van a few days ago, God reminded me that He simply wants me to pursue His heart and to enjoy His cultivation of character in my life. God wants our hearts far above any impressive offerings of music, money, mind, or muscle. He wants to be honored in our thoughts and our attitudes.

– Torrey

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