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What a path a life of prayer leads us to! I am communicating with a young man and an older man in dramatically different walks of life but who are both being courted intensely by Mormon young men. Both of my friends have had “high level” adherents to this cult speaking with them passionately seeking to add them to their number. The older of these two men had renounced the Mormon chase of his life and is getting baptized this Friday Lord-willing as a follower of Jesus in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! I challenged him as I parted ways with him a couple of months ago to pray about his decision to get baptized as a Mormon. He was excited by all of the pride and position he was being promised in this religion, and he was impressed with the human titles some is the men had who were visiting with him. I simply asked him to pray about this situation and to stay in the fear and love of God! I challenged him to consider the whole counsel of God in God’s Word and to consider and remember the vision of an angel in his apartment he has after we prayed for the Holy Spirit to help him and influence his faith in Jesus Christ! He was compelled by the Lord in his prayers and moved by God to boldly stand on the promises of Jesus that his faith is a gift and not a performance or position thing first and foremost. He is saved by the blood of Jesus and his obedience in this faith is a sigh of his fear and love of God in Jesus!

My younger friend I have yet to meet in person but he seems more easily swayed by the lies and pride and position and human ambition in the Mormon religion. I simply asked him to pray about his leaning to investigate the secrets and shadows of the Mormon religion. Pray before stepping down that path. Consider the hope he already has in Jesus, the purity of the Gospel of Jesus and the availability of His truth without having to climb secrets away from the view of plain day. God has given us all we need for life and godliness! We have but to let go of human ambition and cling to Christ and be filled with the promised Holy Spirit of God and be filled with wonder at the revealed mystery of God’s love on the pre-planned rescue of our souls through the death of the God-man Jesus! No other man or woman could sit down at the Father God’s side and say that the deed of redemption is finished! Jesus alone had the power to come and live a perfect life and die a perfect death to give us eternal hope as His disciples and followers to look to Jesus as the Author and Perfecter of our faith for eternity!

I ask you now as well, dear reader, to pray, to simply and humbly and fervently pray to God in the meditation upon Jesus’ death for you. Pray and ask God to make your life clear looking back and looking forward: Who is God really and Why do you worship and admire Jesus as your Redeemer? What does His death mean to you? If your honest about your sin, does it worry you that one day it will all be considered? Are you living a life now that reflects your gratitude and readiness to be poured out in thanks and worship to Jesus for what He did for us on the cross?

In the relentless love of God in Jesus’ blood poured out for the forgiveness of our sin,

– Torrey

P.S. “The Union of Heaven and Earth is what the Story of the Bible is all about.” This image for this post is from the Heaven and Earth video you can see here from The Bible Project.

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