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Can’t Keep Track!

Wow, God is on the move! We had our second baptism in two weeks on Friday and got to appoint our second elder and lead house church pastor, Dave Simmons yesterday. Lord-willing we hope to each appoint our co-pastors for multiplying into two house churches by June. Last night one of our likely next co-pastors stepped up and volunteered to house a homeless man named Michael for a few nights to help him recover from pneumonia. He’s a gentle soul and is often taken advantage of by the rougher folks among the homeless community. Our street-smart guide, Steve Maxey, walked us through who was who and where people were at in their journey last night on Main Street. A friend of ours initiated an opportunity for us to serve last night in feeding the homeless and befriending then in Jesus’ name, praying over them and encouraging them along their path with food and warm clothes and counseling. We prayed over Edward, Elvis, and George. Ken and us had a great time talking abut his creative kit for making coffee! Danny, the owner of the night club wanted a group of us to pray over his business and his wife. We prayed that God would give him wisdom to encourage and counsel those letting down their guard over a drink with him there to love them and befriend them. This struck a chord with him and moved him in his agreement in our prayers.

Today is one of our hope-to-be co-pastor’s Birthday, Lee! We are thrilled to see how he is growing in the Lord and in being a leader among his siblings in Christ, laying down his life to glorify God! He is the one who volunteered to house Michael for a few nights. So grateful to God for our church family! So many of our godly men and women were wrapping their arms around hungry and lonely souls last night, learning names, laughing, encouraging, befriending, swapping clothes to wash their dirty items and find them later to return their clothes to them clean.

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