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Plurality of Spiritual Leaders

We all need it, God’s work through mentors and godly men and women in our lives, and yet we so easily want to be islands. Even in a large church we want to become our own theologians without any sense of a corporate conscience or God working through teams of leaders in our lives. It’s been years since I’ve been in a really healthy local church, and even then it was imperfect. I have a friend who continually seeks to cut into the reputation of the one church I felt was closest to healthy in a traditional church sense, and this friend was in this church longer and in rougher waters than I was. It’s just interesting how even idealized local churches have plenty to criticize and pick apart.

All that said, I have learned through the years that having a plurality if spiritual leaders is wise as it keeps us from pride and hero worship and narrow understandings of God’s Word, bi local doctrine both historical and contemporary, and so much more. I had the joy last Sunday of appointing my first elder and fellow house church / home church pastor to join me officially in Jesus Missionary Communities this last Sunday. His name is Dave Simmons and he soberly but also joyfully accepted this responsibility. It’s such a refreshment to have shared responsibility with Dave in the shepherding is this movement, and he will be our first church plant leader out from our first church plant, if that makes sense. Dave will he the lead pastor for our first multiplication and I will continue as the lead pastor for the other house church. Our plan Lord-willing is to multiply in June or thereafter.

One of the important aspects of house church planting is the constant sowing of seeds toward multiplication. I try to not go over-board with this. Dave and I both would prefer keeping our current church family together indefinitely, as it truly is family! We trust God to lead us as a family on His timing and for His glory!

Amen in Jesus!

– Torrey

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