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Jesus, the ONLY Captain of Our Souls

It’s captivating and elevating to have Jesus as the only Master and Majesty we devote ourselves to, isn’t it? What would it look like for us to walk faithfully into each other’s lives and the lives of the lost with agape love, allowing our own lifestyles to be risked and uncomfortable for the good of others who God leads us to day-by-day, trusting our lives to our Faithful Creator while doing good?

More questions.

Less personal conclusions and more trusting our lives in God’s hands.

Ruined and made new all in one breath, day-by-day made new as Jesus breathes His love and life into us.

Impacted by Psalm 93 this morning and God being our Majesty, being caught up in His Majesty!

– Torrey

P.S. The image for his post is from the video about Numbers:

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