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Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s just something about that Name…

As God reveals grace in His Word and Spirit and genuine fellowship with His kids, I’m genuinely staggered by the joy available to us who believe, trust, follow, and praise our Jesus! The Lord is gracious and compassionate, and He is on the move through very normal people. It’s staggering to see how He comforts and guides and redeems through normal Jesus people! Jesus has been doing very exciting things through our very humble and normal band of Jesus followers. It’s exhausting at times, but we are learning to bear one another’s burdens and see the glory all go to Jesus as we simply take it one breath at a time, choosing to together glorify Christ with each of those breaths and the energy we gain from each of those breaths!

Glory to Yahweh!

This is what life is like in our home as we prep for Home church here tomorrow at noon. Nothing amazing. Just a nice time with the family, giving Carrie a chance to do something creative while the kids and I blitz and get settled in… Keep it simple!

– Torrey

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