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JESUS’ Presence and Love

This came to my heart as I prayed for a new friend today, for her freedom from evil and passion for Jesus… it’s in first person as an impression from Jesus for us, His brothers and sisters by His blood!

“Know My love.”

Know My love above all other loves and desires.

I am Jesus, the I Am Himself.

Know My love as for you.

See My blood having been poured out for the forgiveness of your sins.

I bled for you.

I accepted the crushing of Myself by My Father so that My Father has open arms for you now!

My Father is now your Father!

My family is now your family!

Run into My arms as your brother!

My love is pure!

My path is clear for you to walk down it with no more masks!

I am your Master, your Comfort, your Companion, your Sovereign, your Treasured Delight, the Majesty Himself, your very Definition and LORD.

Follow Me now, Jesus Himself, out of the presence of these enemies and into My pure and rightly ordered path of GRACE and GLORY, the glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!


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