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Held and Loved

Behold what a Savior we serve. It’s life-giving to realize that Jesus really is Who He says He is. Jesus gives us life and His Spirit and His future! We are given eternal joy even now to live out with genuine smiles and passion for the saving of others that only Jesus could give us.

Today was full of amazing ministry opportunities in the midst of a “normal work day,” and I would so love to see more people get to enjoy such opportunities. It’s amazing how real and powerful our God is, dear friends. We have but to TRUST HIM here and now.

There is nearly nothing as awesome to me as the witnessing of people repenting of sin and believing in Jesus as their Savior, Lord, Friend, and even Majesty! It’s awesome to see faith in children and old and dying people, in girls and boys, men and women, the aged and children, smart and less smart, wise and unwise, sound-minded and muddled in the mind, rich and poor and everywhere in between these examples. As the light of Christ shines in our hearts we can’t quiet the song that wells up within us and begins to sound itself through us, the song of the redeemed!!!

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  1. Indeed Torrey, we were created for just such purpose, to worship Him, to serve Him, to praise and honor Him by sharing Him. There is nothing else here in the earth that feels so much like home as when we are in the midst of all this…..

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