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Bringing Home the Broken Among Us

A deep desire in my heart is to see Jesus followers deepen in the showing of hospitality while using discernment as to what is truly helping those we seek to serve. In this path, it is so important to remember our shared humanity with those we serve.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that we aren’t broken. However, it’s in our self-awareness of being broken too that we truly are a blessing to those in hard physical and emotional circumstances. God has given us many wonderful opportunities as a community to serve and encourage the downtrodden and weary and hungry and thirsty and in prison and lonely and forsaken. We are weary at times and yet we gain energy and courage as we serve one another and those in hard places.

The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me; to one who orders his way rightly I will show the salvation of God!” – Psalm 50:23

Lord God,

Thank You for healing us and setting us in a path of faithfulness together as Your church. Lead us in Your path of displaying Your mercy and compassion and grace and righteousness! Lead us into one another’s lives and the lives of the hurting with compassion and Your tender mercies. Show us Your path and lead us in Your righteousness. Make us useful in the lives of the hungry, thirsty, lonely, forsaken, hurting, and abused. We love You and know You have called us to faithfulness. Thank You for Your promised Holy Spirit, Oh God!

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