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Humbled by Jesus’ Love

I have this photo of me and my two amazing brothers center-stage in my mind as I think of God’s adopting of us and making us blood relatives of Jesus! We are adopted into God’s family and made siblings with the Son, given His future and His inheritance and His character! My brothers and I are just as much siblings as my sister is my sibling. My brothers are dear and deeply loved and embraced, prayed over and cherished, my brothers! I love them and want what’s best for them and enjoy them and miss them like I miss my sister and enjoy her, maybe even more sometimes!

As I soak in God’s Word I am reminded of God’s love in Jesus’ death for us. It calms and quiets our souls to meditate on what God has done to rescue us and to show us His awesome and overwhelming and even scandalous in a way LOVE! He broke through our sinful madness with the earth-shattering display of love at the cross. The shovel of His love plows into our resistant hearts and plants the seed of the true and overwhelming story of Jesus’ death for sinners. We can’t have Jesus’ life without accepting His death as being a death of the Son of God Himself FOR US and for the GLORY of GOD! We are taken up into the glorious Trinity’s heart and brought into the perfect fellowship of the Godhead, Father, Son, and Spirit! God has in the death of Jesus made a way for us to encounter and embrace and even be held by the LOVE OF GOD in Jesus Christ! In His body we are brought into the unity of God Himself, the perfection of His character is given to us and we our literally blood siblings with Jesus by His death! Staggering! All we have to do is to repent of our sin and cling to Jesus in faith and we will find that the Spirit lifts us in the fellowship of believers, in God’s Word, and in God’s presence into lives of obedience and sacrificial love for one another and the lost! It is captivating, friends! Let’s embrace this and run into God’s love TOGETHER!

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