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Business on Mission for Jesus

Have you considered being an entrepreneur? It’s a worthy enterprise full of adventure and excitement! There is a movement internationally branded a bit as Business As Mission, or BAM. I have a mentor named Tom Hawker who has this mission as a coach and mentor in my life, and it’s been such a blessing to regularly meet with him and discuss how God is glorified in us as we are satisfied in Jesus and make the love of the Godhead known to a dying and sinful world through EVERY avenue of our lives. Jesus can’t be boxed into just our churchianity. Jesus doesn’t fit into corners or books or sermons alone. He spills out by His promised Holy Spirit and through our testimony into every community and every aspect of every society all across this globe and all through history being us, here now, and in front of us!

If you’re looking to build a business for the glory of God don’t operate first and foremost out of fear but rather out of faith and with a Great Commission mindset!

Dive in with God’s gift of faith and with the message of Jesus most central in your heart as far as motives for connecting with and serving the community you’ve been placed in to bring life in Jesus’ name! God guides and provides as far as how the message of Jesus comes up naturally and appropriately, not making people feel you’re shoving Jesus down their throats but rather Jesus is showing up in the conversation and relationship Himself! He is making the move to save through us!!

– Torrey

P.S. I am sharing this photo of a business in downtown Merced recently given a facelift!

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