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I Was Dying…

It’s a long story I’d enjoy sharing with anyone who would like to talk it over but here is the short version. I’ll do a YouTube sometime about it.

The enemy of our souls wanted to give me a birthday gift and the Savior of our souls said, “No.”

The enemy said it was time for me to die half way through my life just after turning 37, and Jesus spoke to me in my first night here at the hospital simply with a clear sense that I’m called to labor on in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, along with my dear and precious siblings in the blood-bought family of Jesus!

Wow, my daughter was sick with a stomach bug for a few days lately. She’s two and a Daddy’s girl, so of course I gladly got up with her and changed her and fed her and rocked her back to sleep Saturday to Tuesday night this week. In combination with this I’ve found that I faint sometimes when weak in the stomach.

The perfect storm happened two mornings ago. I woke at 4am to feeling weak in the stomach and subconsciously knowing I may faint, but I was more aware of needing to “go from both ends”… Sorry, that’s not pleasant but needs to be said to explain what happened. While on the toilet I began becoming aware that I may faint but I was also aware that I needed to throw up. At that moment I lost consciousness and my head went back and lodged above the toilet and in the corner with my face directed upward, and I began vomiting. I literally was drowning and suffocating.

My wife heard gurgling.

I have to stop there. My wife wakes up for basically nothing… Truly God has wired her as such a deep sleeper in part to glorify Jesus in this story. Carrie won’t even wake up to our super loud alarm clock with those bells on top of it!

Carrie rushed in to find a scene I won’t describe; needless to say I was truly dying. She pulled me off and I began to cough. After two more episodes of me vomiting and then passing out and then not breathing, Carrie had me convinced (stubborn guy thing) I needed to go to the ER. After a lot of testing it appears that it truly was a unique situation. It’s sobering though that I truly would have very possibly died if Carrie didn’t pull me off the toilet and onto the ground. I’m so deeply grateful for my bride!

Father God, I want to above all thank and praise You for our life as humanity and as Your creations made in Your image. There is nothing more I want with the second half of my life but to do Your will, to love You above all, to love my neighbors well, starting by being a genuine and passionate disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ myself and drawing others through kindness and sincerity to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their sufficiency and delight.

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  1. When God has a purpose for us(and we all have one, some just don’t realize it) God himself will pull those around us to make sure it happens – even those who sleep so soundly an earthquake will not budge them. May God strengthen you in your mission and may all of HIS truths be enlighten in you.

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