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Knowing Who, Jesus

It’s more simple than we want to admit, knowing Jesus and making Him known. We want to know the Maker of our beings in an intellectual way because we look impressive if we know a lot about God. When it’s overwhelming is when we encounter God directly instead of indirectly. Indirect encounters are when we are impressed by things we learn about Him. Direct encounters are when we face Him and draw near to Him and become aware of the LORD of glory drawing near to us!

Take this challenge this week: Spend some time learning about God in the Word, but then spend twice as much time praying and seeking His face and at least half of that time listening in His presence. Listen for the still and small voice of the LORD God shared about for instance in 1 Kings 19. Be impressed by all that you see of God’s glory, of course, but make sure not to miss His actual purposes and communication with you. God wants to speak directly into your life and requires your surrender.

As we surrender to the living God, the same God in both the Old and New Testaments, we must realize that He is holy and good, loving and wise, powerful and purposeful, and ultimately delightful and glorious.

If we would only see the Lord as the end and not first the means to our ends, we would encounter the God He is and not the god we want to fashion for our purposes.

May God be our vision and our end, and may we find both our identity and our delight in being God’s children. May our faith not just be another self-help tool amongst many. May this faith in God, believing Jesus truly is our Prince of Peace, result in complete surrender and clarity to the end of God’s church, God’s people, living for a Kingdom that will not perish and a King Who is altogether wonderful to us! We worship You, Oh God!

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