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More and more I have come to realize the importance of working together. Carrie and I absolutely love each other and we love working together. Recently we had a chance to go to Phoenix Arizona to pull off an installment for her business that truthfully turned out absolutely beautiful. I carried Jackson across the scene to look at the various booths that we had created. I told him that he got to be a part of creating such beauty and we both smiled. I think it is more and more of interest to people in this era to find some way to work together as a family. We have decided to not accept the norm of an absent father or mother and unhealthy boundaries when it comes to work and life. I am so grateful that my children know who I am and get to enjoy hour upon hour with me and my wife. I’m also thrilled they get to be a part of our ministry to neighbors and those who stay with us when they are in need of a place for a season. My wife and I get to bless and share the love of Jesus through our home, work, and ministry labors of love.

We are to labor as unto the Lord and in every area of life do our best to see the name of Jesus lifted high.

In the last week I have been faced with the challenge of rolling with the punches of both my own mistakes and the normal changes that happen in life, work, and ministry. It’s actually been very refreshing to to carry out the routine labors in work, home life, neighboring, etc and get to see God’s divinely appointed conversations and encounters showing up.

“Normal” does not need to be drab when we see God’s sovereignty and goodness in the routines and especially in the people of day to day life.

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