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Purity and Marriage

Purity isn’t an easy thing to get one’s arms around if impurity is the norm and if achieving purity for purity’s sake is the goal. Enjoying the Redeemer is the only way to see one’s lusts and obsessions slip away. I’m convinced that sexual addiction and materialism and lifestyle goals unmet are near the top of the list for why marriages fail.

Imagine marriages focused on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, truly focused in on enjoying and making known the greatness of our Redeemer in the power of the Holy Spirit! It’s so beautiful to pursue this along with some close friends, encouraging one another to be in God’s Word and genuine prayer first thing out of bed every day and then check in with these close friends daily. We must encourage one another daily as long as it’s called today.

We must turn away from sin and run into the presence of the King of kings, Jesus, asking for a filling from the Spirit that God’s power would be pressing us on into more godly fellowship with other believers and into more and more steady making of new disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. This takes vigilance and reverence before our Savior, to truly be hot on His heels!

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