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Reverence and Jesus

As our Jesus community has been studying Jesus in Hebrews, we are more and more in wonder of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What a wonderful Savior we serve! Jesus was heard in His passionate prayers to his Father while here in the flesh because of his reverence. I’ve looked this up and reverence means fear mingled with respect and esteem. Have we cultivated our affection, esteem, and admiration and even fear of God? It’s less and less a practice among professing followers of God in the United States to actually reverence God. For many, God has become a nice couch to rest upon or a prayer to offer up when tired or feeling unloved. Far better than this, God is in reality the object of affection and genuine worship for those who truly follow Jesus Christ, his disciples.

(Fun fact about this photo: Our kids and I went to Jackson, CA recently and got to snag this photo. Jackson of course was amazed someone would name a town after him!)

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