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The Gift of Jobs

God, thank You for the gift of jobs to people around the world. Thank You for the exchange of time and talent for food and housing and transportation and health care and so much more. Please give wisdom to people around the world as we seek to maintain our jobs or create new jobs or reinvent ourselves work-wise.

Dear God, this global crisis is bringing work and jobs and careers to be as central a concern for people’s survival even as the illness itself. Please bring us together like never before to think and pray and consider how best to provide for our families and for ourselves. Please give us wisdom, diligence, humility, and creativity in this labor.

In Jesus Christ we rest and we trust in the Spirit to soften and make us more flexible and up to these tasks to serve and love and give of ourselves for those You have given us responsibility for in this short life. We look forward to seeing You, Oh God and living with you in praise for your worth and goodness for eternity!


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