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Vanishing Grace

In this time of deep distress and constant worry for so many I would strongly encourage a real genuine focus in on matters of highest importance: Compassion, Kindness, Grace, Love, and the source is these, the God of the Word.

We must dive deep in prayer and genuine response to what Jesus has done for humanity on the cross! We have been given the fruit (salvation) of Jesus’ death for us as the Son of God! What a true wonder and delight it is to be a humble, day-to-day follower of this Lord Jesus Christ.

Join me in prayer for those who most impacted in their health and emotional stability and financial stability (or lack thereof), that across this globe during this crisis truth and love would be abundant, that we would seek out the truth in every area of our lives and our neighbors’ lives and infuse love into honest and genuine conversations about what matters most.

At the core, relationships are what matter most, trust, love, kindness, thorough and genuine virtuous relationships that honor our Maker and ideally are derived from loving interaction with the God of Heaven! God originally walked with humanity, and His offer is clear to all who simply repent and believe in the Gospel of Jesus, that we can once again enjoy walking with God and taking our instruction daily from Him and daily delighting in God above all!

Only then can we genuinely and lovingly walk in love with our fellow members of humanity daily and consistently. This isn’t to say non Jesus followers can’t exercise God’s kindness as well and not acknowledge that it’s ultimately God Who is giving them the air they breathe and the ground they walk on and the restraint from fleshing out the fullness of what we are all capable of in each of our lifetimes for evil. God shows kindness to all of humanity regardless of our faith, but He shows particular kindness down in the center of genuine Jesus followers, teaching us and instructing us about what really is true in the final analysis.

We praise You, Oh God, King of the Universe! We follow You, Jesus the CHRIST, and we will spend and be spent for Your glory! Pour out our lives and press us into where You want us, for Your glory!

(P.S. I’d recommend the book Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey… great read.)

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