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Sell All

It’s been a crazy year, but along the path the Lord challenged me to lead my wife and kiddos into a path of selling all and following Jesus. The sell all part has been tiring at times but fruitful in many ways. We are down to our final steps with a car and home to finish off selling. We will be living in a 32’ Forest River Wildwood Bunkhouse RV with two larger slide-out sections, giving us a reasonable space to call home.

The Follow Me (Jesus) part is where there are a lot of unknowns. Are we being called to be international missionaries? Are we being called to leave California? Are we being called to stay right here and serve the Lord nearly exactly as we have been for another decade? God will make the path clear.

In the last years God has put WHERE on my heart a lot. Where we locate ourselves really impacts things, especially the more things we have. The lighter our physical responsibilities the lighter our step and the easier to be moved about by the Lord.

I genuinely believe we can more easily hear God’s calling when we keep a looser hold on physical aspects of this life and are more available to engage others in face-to-face relationship.

That said, it’s interesting that whatever God leads us to keep and use should be kept and used to His glory, and not to build for ourselves bigger barns so to speak.

God, please lead Your children to follow Jesus with full hearts, filled with Your grace, Your goodness, Your Gospel, Your Spirit, and Your love!

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