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Love So Amazing

Page after page in this life has disappointments where we fall so hard or see others we admire fall so hard. These falls can bring a jadedness if we aren’t careful, but when care and love and grace and patience are exercised in loving relation with the God of the Bible, getting back on the horse so-to-speak can happen and does happen. I can testify to God’s faithfulness that though hero after hero has done this or that to disappoint me, and though I’m sure I’ve disappointed plenty of folks in one way or another, God has shown us as genuine followers of the Way Himself, Jesus Christ, that God’s love is in fact so amazing! We can once again turn to the LORD, repent of our sin, face the cross of Christ with awe and wonder and live the abundance of grace out by fleeing youthful passions and stepping into the sunshine of grace to change.

God doesn’t set us up for failure. Many times where we find the hardest falls is where we have chosen to think we are alone. The enemy loves to tell us we are alone and without grace to change. God always provides us with a way of escape. God always provides us with what we need for life and for godliness. In the American mindset this may not seem like the case often, however, because we quickly think of supplies as things.

The most abundant and necessary supplies for change aren’t things at all, they are opportunities for character development… Context isn’t our enemy. Context for change is part of what God has gifted us with on a daily basis.

Thank You, God, for the gift of context, circumstances, difficulties, imperfections. Thank You for relationships and set-backs and disappointments. Thank You for the imperfections and even failings of great heroes of the faith as these all remind us that no one of us is the other’s savior. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and we all look up to You, Oh LORD, and trust Your Holy Spirit, such a perfect and relational gift from God Almighty, giving us the power to follow Jesus along with our other imperfect siblings in Christ step-by-step. In Jesus Christ we rest. I believe, LORD!

I recently learned of yet another hero of the faith who it looks like had some serious moral failings during the years he was speaking on stages across the globe in the name of Christian ministry. I hope it’s not true but his own daughter has come out after his passing and apologized on behalf of the ministry for her father’s behavior toward several women.

My heart is sorrowful over this, and yet I’m reminded to cast my cares not ultimately upon heroes or mentors but upon the LORD, for He cares for us.

This truth gives me strength to keep relying on God along with God’s children and just assume that disappointments will continue to happen.

God reminded me this morning that no one human ministry will be bulletproof but that His ministry will always and forever thrive, God’s eternal and everlasting ministry!

As I studied in Jeremiah 12, God reminded me that He plucks is up and out of our sinful paths and places us into His loving and gracious paths. We must simply cast our cares upon the LORD and enter His house of prayer and praise and trust the King of kings, remembering that it’s not about us, it’s not about our human brands and denominations/divisions. It’s not even about any one of our names getting into the lights, because when that is the focus we become those peddlers of the Gospel… No, it’s about the God of the Word, and thank God this is the case!

We stand and worship the King of kings and LORD of lords. We worship and adore Him and will do so for eternity provided we continue in this Grace He has given us!

Do not shrink back because of imperfections. Instead, press inward and upward into this Grace in which we stand, following Jesus with the light of God’s glory shining into our hearts!

All greet the King in His majesty and celebrate together His everlasting and glorious love!

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