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In Your Steadfast Love, Give Me Life, Oh Lord!

Oh God Almighty, we cast our care upon You for You care for us. We rest in Your love.

God is merciful. With all the turmoil in the world, God gives us mercy and peace. Soaking in the Psalms is such a wonderful way to feel and know God’s goodness and love and glory and holiness and so much more. Another practice that’s been such a blessing for our family has been something we call You are’s.

What we will do with the kiddos as we lay down with them to pray or as we are driving somewhere, we will begin asking them if they have a YOU ARE on their mind. They will immediately begin saying a prayer of praise such as, “God, You are holy. God, You are mercy. God, You are kind.” It’s so precious as they rehearse attributes of God or behaviors / benefits of God. We don’t correct them in their prayers but may pray additional YOU ARE prayers in which we add to and inform our own hearts even of what we know to be true from God’s Word.

It’s so helpful to close out the day as a family praying in particular prayers of praise and adoration to the LORD of lords.

Love y’all/you guys.

Peace in Christ,

– Torrey

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