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Improving America

“Liberals build, and Conservatives build. Leftists destroy.” – Dennis Prager – This quote came from this video. Enjoy!

I just finished watching this video and I was quite helped by Dennis’ thoughts. Honestly, he’s openly not a Christian / Jesus follower, yet he’s Jewish and a great “fan of Christians” in his own words in this video. My blog is openly Gospel focused and yet I’m realizing that Jesus’ followers are so afraid of political discourse, and the Gospel has everything to do with people’s good, eternal and earthly. I have decided to back off from quite as much tid-bit posting on social media and instead get back into writing here on my blog. It’s been a place and space where I can think freely and grow as a writer. I’m not trying to impress any academics with my words, and I realize I’ve been verbose at times. However, the more I think about it and look, I’m finding less and less openly Christian voices that have consistently helpful thoughts around political concerns. The question comes to mind: Have Jesus followers bought the lies from the Left that politics and religion should be removed from public discourse and be kept on people’s coffee tables for personal comfort… kept in the quiet, away from any open dialogue? Sadly many have, but cheerfully with the happenings of Donald Trump’s arrival in DC… yes, I said that… A turn of events has happened. Day-to-day Jesus followers, not the well branded mega church pastor, have become interested again more than ever in the future of our country. The other thing that has far more deeply impacted America and in a far more negative way is the Left’s lies. I appreciate Dennis’ statement quoted at the start of this post. Dennis has held an interesting perspective and his Prager University as they call it has created a vast library – didn’t know there are 500 +/- videos there now. I’ve only seen maybe two dozen of these through the years. Other voices I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate include a list where a hero nearly tops the list: Mike Rowe. This gent intrigues me. He’s honored day-to-day Americans time and time again, honoring their work, honoring their humanity, blessing day-to-day Americans with a picture of themselves that’s closer to TRUTH compared to what the Left has painted.

The Left has to me become repeaters of Satan himself. Yes, I said it. Obama as quoted by Dennis in this video wanted to “fundamentally change America” and truly has sown deeper and more dangerous lies into his followers than even Hilary and Bill Clinton were ever able to sow. Hilary Clinton seems to be more of a puppet of the Left deeper dangers and ultimately satanic dangers. I’m not speaking of the conspiracy theories but rather actual conspiracies that have been openly shared by the Left to fundamentally change our country. There is so much hope for America, friends.

Okay, so I’d like to try to put out some thoughts here from my gut/heart/prayerful place of mind about Improving America.

Many Conservatives probably feel all hope is lost at this point. I hope to bring some hope into the picture. Many are probably feeling that in some way or another the mass media is right too about Donald Trump in this way or that way. That said, mass media has lost so much respect in recent years that they at least had some of prior to recent years. I used to at least take some interest in Fox, CNN even, and others when this or that was going on in the world. Now I’ve resorted to Epoch Times and even then am not positive what to think. God has comforted me that news is a lag measure. Meaning, news is only commentary or hopefully some documentation of what has already happened. News can never predict what will happen in the world… you have to look to theories or if you believe in them prophesies.

Do you believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of all followers of Jesus? Well, I’m no expert, but I’ve come to slow down any particular end of time theology conclusion besides that Jesus will return and we have been in a sort of tribulation ever since Jesus rose into Heaven, the ascension. It’s my belief that Jesus will one day come back to bring us home, but I also believe that the rest of God’s Word reveals that Jesus left us with a lot of wisdom about what a rough future we would have as His church, His Bride, God’s children. In this world we will have trouble, but Jesus has overcome the world.

My Dad and I were out on his property working and he mentioned that another translation for “I have overcome the world” I guess is something like “I’ve laughed at my enemies” or something like that. In other words, Jesus said this before He even experienced the cross. Jesus had already overcome the world from eternity past. Jesus created the world! A friend of mine I’ve been soaking in Romans with for months now two to three times a week, Zeke, mentioned to me God’s not being bound by time. Jesus is God incarnate deity. Jesus created the world (John 1). Jesus isn’t anxious about the cross in the sinful way… He never sinned. He sweat drops of blood over it, so of course He was concerned, healthily human of him. However, Jesus overcame the world even before the cross! Jesus modeled for us facing evil head-on in His very identity. We have the identity of Christ’s followers, blood bought, ransom paid in full believers. We can face the lies of the enemy wherever they are, not just from the leftists but from all points of view. We can DEFEAT these lies with truth and grace and hope and love.

How important too to remember that many leftists aren’t evil. Many are kind and loving and many are even Jesus followers mis-informed. Dennis differentiates leftists from liberals, and I’m not convinced yet that that is helpful or “right”… ha ha… I’ll probably go with it however because it helps me. Dennis makes a focus with much of what he puts out there to differentiate and re-draw lines. What I don’t believe he has to help him is the Holy Spirit and a genuine belief in Jesus. I’m not saying I’m wiser or smarter than Dennis Prager or any other thinker, but I feel so blessed to have the Holy Spirit’s help as a day to day Jesus follower. Holy Spirit, please provide wisdom to me and to all genuine Jesus followers who are also Conservatives. Give us wisdom to distinguish good from evil. As Dennis said this thoughts about intentions, something rang true from what I’ve seen in Your Word, and yet I disagree based on what I’ve seen in Your Word in another respect. In one sense our intentions have everything to do with what we end up doing behavior-wise. Please, LORD, shape our hearts, create in us clean hearts that our behavior, our words, our decisions, our steps would be directed ultimately by You. We trust in YOU, MIGHTY KING OF KINGS!

Dear God, we know that Your intentions for humanity are just, and that terrifies me in one respect. For all those who are victims of abuse and evil and lies, my prayer is that there would be justice for them. There are many with very sweet and loving intentions studying for instance political science who are being told that Donald Trump is outright evil, and yet I’ve seen so many blessings under his leadership of our nation. Please give wisdom to those who would feel embarrassed to call themselves Conservatives because it’s uncool or because they are associating themselves with this one event in DC recently. Thank You, dear God, for how no one was harmed except for those protesting, as sad as those deaths are. Thank You for Dennis clarifying the political lines here in the US as Left and Conservative… Give me grace to discern anything Dennis and other thinkers might say that’s not of You. Give Jesus’ followers wisdom to know how to stay involved in public affairs while above all being faithful in their homes, neighborhoods, work places and anywhere else You have led them.

I do cry out to You, LORD GOD, for wisdom as to how to think and make careful judgment calls. You are in fact God over all. Help us as Jesus’ followers to know YOU above all and then to know one another in purity and love and self-control. May Jesus’ followers be among the most sound minded and healthy in these troubling times. Thank YOU that You know the beginning from the end and everything in between when it comes to human history. In Jesus’ name amen.

Not long ago someone I know and love very much said, “Torrey, do you think God really cares?”

The answer is emphatically found all through God’s Word and it is YES.

However, it’s also clear in God’s Word that God is just. Anyone who knowingly ignores truth and speaks out lies continually for their own gain or glory is assisting Satan himself in his evil ploy to keep humanity from seeing Jesus Christ. Why? Because Jesus Christ is the ultimate Way, Truth, and Life. When we follow paths of truth, the deepest truths known in this life, we are bound to eventually not get to science but to God Himself, the Maker of us all.

Why am I not anxious at all in these troubled times? God is not anxious, and I trust Him entirely.

Love you all.


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