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Jesus’ Life Alive in U.S.

The United States has been a great human experiment with God’s kindness all along the way and with plenty of big and small mistakes along the way. In recent days slavery and injustices toward African Americans have been highlighted and there are many other terrible chapters in our history that could be highlighted. In the coming days among Conservatives I believe how these next few weeks are handled by our nation’s leaders will likely be jammed with concerning decisions. It’s looking very likely that one of the greatest Presidents our nation has ever known will be impeached for a second time, which is a first in our nation’s history. The invasion of the people’s house was stupid and will probably go down in our history as the moment when Conservatives lost their clout, but that’s just going to be the Left’s loud cry in the mass media and not truth.

I wrote yesterday about this and Dennis Prager’s thoughts being helpful there.

God has given Jesus’ followers here in the U.S. a tremendous opportunity by allowing human folly to flesh out to the point that it has globally among world leaders. A serious misunderstanding has been embraced at the highest levels across the globe at this point among world leader level “intellects” which is that socialism does not lead to communism. Socialism is literally the communist manifesto’s gateway drug for people groups. Obama continues his rule now in the US through Biden. Biden is going to truly be a puppet king and the US as we have known her is toast if Conservatives don’t infiltrate and overcome every context of society as the Communists have sought to do for years. Wait, we already are there! Conservatives are already all through our society, but in many cases afraid to speak up. If we don’t speak up we will act out eventually in ways we will regret, so I strongly would encourage speaking up and writing and debating and discussing things.

Dear follower of Jesus Christ here in the USA, step up your efforts to engage your faith in your day to day decisions, words, steps, conversations. Apply what you know to be true here and now like never before.

A good friend of mine from years back reminded me of a cycle godly men and women go through but I’m going to apply it specifically to men who want to follow Jesus with all that they are:

Jesus’ men influence culture and government for the result in time of good times for all to enjoy.

Good times if not rightly appreciated and responded to and cultivated often result in weak men who falter and get fat for lack of a better word, get lazy, get selfish, get sinfully hedonistic.

Lazy and selfish and weak and even ungodly men live lives that result in troubling times for all, men having gone from bad to worse and having sought their own fancies instead of what Jesus calls is to.

Troubling times present an opportunity for genuine Jesus-following men of God to rise to the occasion in humility, grace, honor, and hot on the heals of Jesus Christ to serve and lead and love at every context where Jesus has placed us, to step up our following of Jesus and not break rank. May God give genuine Jesus-following Conservatives here in the US humility and grace like never before to see the opportunity ahead and trust God to lead day-by-day and be faithful right where God has placed us to make a difference and speak truth in our hearts and among our loved ones and neighbors and co-workers and clients.

May God be magnified and faith in Jesus and joy in the Holy Spirit be especially evident among Jesus’ followers! My personal burden in this present moment is in particular for men in Jesus’ path to step all the more deeply and joyfully into a focused and delighted obedience to Christ as our Messiah in these times.

We are not to shrink back but instead engage in society and our contexts where God has placed us like never before with grace and love and leadership that’s refreshing and beautiful, trusting God for the strength and courage like Joshua and Caleb to step up and say, I saw grapes that were huge there in that Promised Land, instead of seeing giants as a threat to be run from.

Engagement in thought and conversation is critical in preserving our precious union here in the USA. I love liberals.

Can I just say that?

However, I am deeply concerned about the lie of the enemy that says socialism is just fine. It’s the gateway drug to Communism. The CCP totally threatened war this year and it struck fear into the hearts of weak leaders in the US and so they went for underwriting Biden’s false election, so now enters our first more public and obvious strides toward Communism as a country. With all that is unfolding very quickly our future as a country is going to be more and more muddy and our ability to have free press will vanish faster than it has ever in all of American history.

All of this said, other countries are watching intently because there is still a ton of good intentions here in the US, and yet the road to hell is paved with good intensions.

God looks at our intentions and thoughts in our hearts, friends. I’m grateful for your good intentions and they honor God, and yet if you do nothing with those good intentions except worry? Please, engage with those God has given you to lovingly influence. Love and serve and bless and then SHARE HOPE IN JESUS.

If we do not discuss the explicit Gospel of Jesus Christ and all of the ramifications of this Gospel, we become more and more about our own personal safety, but when we take the time to love and serve and lay down our lives for our neighbors and friends and co-workers and clients and so on, AND we are intentional to share the hope and love of Jesus in the explicit Gospel of Jesus Christ, our ability to see how faith meets day-to-day realities gets more in focus.

Life is messy, but Jesus entered this very same life we are living… In fact, the time He entered the world was quite similar. Rome was at a peak of prosperity much like the US but with much more pagan roots. At least with the US aside from some sad carry over aspects of continued slavery and other evils humanity has carried on generation after generation, there were a lot of good intentions… There is that word again.

So, what do we do when we have good intensions but bad fruit? REPENT. What is repentance at its core but turning around.

May we as genuine Jesus followed turn from any wickedness in our lives and focus on Jesus and be strengthened by the opportunity these troubling times present to us. If we have faith in Jesus, these times will bear that faith out, revealing our genuine faith. When squeezed, genuine Jesus followers produce fruits of the Spirit in every area of life where God has placed us.

Shine, Jesus, shine in and through us!

Love you all.


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