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Chickens or Christians

So, as Jesus’ followers who are Conservatives in the USA… that’s my typical audience, but you’re welcome to read on anytime if you’re not in that “box” so-to-speak… ha ha…

Are we Christians or Chickens?

Are we ready to speak up a bit for what we believe and bring up the tough stuff to talk about all while being loving and gracious to those who either outright hate us or hate what we stand for, hate the boundaries we believe in and the lack of boundaries in other areas where we believe liberties allow us to speak truth and live out love without limits, pure love that shocks and shakes this world to the point of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Are we Christians? Are we those ready to be led to the slaughter for what we believe? I’m a Conservative Jesus-following Californian… Yes, a Conservative in California. I’m outspoken to probably an irritating point in recent years with the belief that Jesus’ followers don’t need to be boxed into “Trump supporter” per se nor “anti-Trump / never Trump” for instance. You can’t discuss public policy / politics these days without bringing up Donald J Trump. In the years ahead he will be brought up to the frustration of many traditional GOP folks… that’s actually totally okay with me. When I graduated from a very conservative Christian college many years ago, I felt in my gut that I may one day care again about politics but probably not for some time. I still don’t really care about tradition-heavy politics, but I am curious more than ever about the future of the United States of America and I believe she has a bright future believe it or not.

In fact, I believe California has a bright future. WHAT?!!! You may well disagree, but it’s my Jesus-following faith and hope and above all LOVE that brings up this vision.

WE ARE NOT CHICKENS – I’d like to be clear and answer the question myself for you all who genuinely believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. You don’t need to answer the question: Are you a chicken? You know in your knower that Jesus has called us to live sacrificially loving lives. We are called to see the Gospel showing up here on the ground, as I originally titled this blog on, Grounded Gospel.

As followers of Jesus, what we see on the ground is not chicken feed. We don’t just constantly scratch for our meager eats and hope a rooster will lead us and give us a future and be loud for us and make us look important. We don’t mindlessly walk into traps. No, we knowingly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ knowing that this opens up the door for persecution, critical judgments, etc. We must use our hearts and our spirits to discern the times and speak truth, but we must do it in love. To the world we probably look like chickens right now, and Donald Trump probably looks like a rooster to most hard lefties, but to many Conservatives, Donald Trump is just a part of something bigger than himself. We believe Jesus is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to this world and no central, charismatic leader will ever take His place as our center point. Trump was used however to wake up a lot of sleeping giants so-to-speak, a lot of people who genuinely do believe God has called Jesus’ followers to be salt and light and not shrink back, and yet you can never tell me that Jesus’ followers don’t know better than to just be passionate about public policy.

We will continue to be interested and vocal and probably more and more active in public policy locally and more broadly. We aren’t going way or backing up anytime soon.

No, we are stepping up our game and getting involved LIKE NEVER BEFORE, and we are doing so in genuine JESUS LOVE.

Dear God, please lead Jesus followers particularly here in California to step up and into Your calling for us day-by-day, instead of disengaging and shrinking back. Give us joy and courage and love like never before to engage the enemy of our souls, Satan’s lies, and know that we have a purpose and a calling and a hope more than ever before because it’s a new day, and You have given us Your Spirit to engage the enemy and stand up and speak truth and pursue it with YOUR GOOD PLEASURE pulsing in our souls. We love You, Oh God! We believe! In Jesus’ name, WE BELIEVE!

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