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We the People…

There is here in the US a big pushback against socialism like never before and in other camps a push for socialism like never before, with those pushing for it in many cases genuinely not believing it is inevitably the gateway drug for a nation to slide into communism.

Dear God, wake up Americans!

It’s my belief that we are entering an era in which Conservatives like never before actually have an opportunity to communicate in a way in which we are heard more consistently and can really make a long-term difference. It’s silly how quickly many Conservatives are thinking all hope is lost for America. The reason for this is that we like our comforts and we have bought the enemies’ lies that comfort is where growth happens. Comfort is where growth in your girth happens, not growth in your soul and heart and spirit and community. When resistance is present is when muscles form!

Rise up Jesus following Conservatives and deepen in your joy and hope and peace in believing like never before!

I’m stoked and excited to see what God has in store for us who believe and rise to the opportunity to lead and love like never before!

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