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It’s All Good, Bro

Well, here it is.

Trump’s Farewell Address

Not an easy thing for me to watch as a Conservative Jesus following Californian… lol… Our son may well be born on the very same day as Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States until Harris takes over… maybe after a couple of months? Very interesting times here, folks.

I titled this post It’s All Good, Bro thinking of my many Conservative friends and relatives who may be shaken up by this transition of supposed power here in the USA. As I’ve been studying in Daniel and seeing the four different supreme leaders of the known world Daniel advised and often became next in command to or near enough to that role… I am reminded of the passage that says that God puts up and puts down world leaders/kings. The King of kings is on His throne.

Cling to Jesus, y’all! Let’s remember where our ultimate loyalty is found and must stay, for God has been faithful to pursue us, win us, and keep us! See the book of Jude, all.

Much love!

– Torrey

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