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Big Deal Love

My bride a while back bought the domain for this Big Deal Love… We have a number of domains we haven’t done much with and some we have done fun things with such as this blog, my business page, and Carrie’s business page

We trust God to lead us regarding these ideas and online footprinting so-to-speak. “Things are headed online… better keep up…”. This thinking is both totally true and totally off base from healthy as far as how this can get way out of hand really fast.

I’ve enjoyed writing and being online for posting what I write. I also enjoy proclaiming the Gospel and how it relates to life, ministry, business, neighboring, etc… This blog and video posts to Facebook lately have been a helpful way to share, and I have been very encouraged by the feedback of friends I admire and trust, encouraged to keep these things up.

Carrie’s thought with Big Deal Love is coupled with what this phrase brings to the genuine Jesus follower’s mind. Generic love is truly only as beautiful as it is tightly tied to and derived from God’s love in Jesus Christ. We are in awe of how awesome God’s love is, and we want to make a big deal about it because it’s a bigger deal than we could ever express! Anything of God can only be recognized in part by us as dependent beings, but it’s such an honor that we get to give it our best go in this short life, directing each other’s gaze to the glories of Calvary!

Our double meaning in considering the development of this page – – is that we would also document our family’s happenings and business efforts, ministry efforts, lifestyle stuff, etc. The prayerful goal would in part be the natural revelation aspects of genuine pursuit of Jesus and how this spills out into joyous living and growth and how business and life and neighboring often are the context for God’s big deal love; they are the avenues where we get to meet and love and serve others and share the reason for the hope we have in Jesus! These are the context and the floor so to speak but the Gospel message of Jesus is the ultimate Big Deal Love!

Much love in Christ,


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