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God’s Love, Grace, and Mercy

When will we slow our pace and look up to Jesus long enough to become entranced by God’s love, grace, and mercy.

As I have been studying through most of Genesis and Exodus while soaking in the Gospel of John and the Psalms, I’m overwhelmed by God’s kindness and intentionality toward humanity, specifically those who simply believe and receive the truth and relationship of God in Jesus Christ.

My heart breaks over the tendency we have as Jesus’ followers to get so oriented around self-preservation that we forget about our primary reason for still being here on this earth – the making of disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are called to love the Lord and love our neighbors starting with loving existing believers, but if we lose track of our primary calling as far as a task to finish together, to make disciples of all nations, we often lose our grip also on loving the Lord and loving one another.

Why is that? We become opinion heavy and love light.

We get our pride too lively and heart of love too sluggish.

Soak in the story of Aaron and Moses and the contrast between these brothers in the moments – 40 days – where one is building an idol for God’s people to worship instead of worship my God, and the other brother is pressing into God’s presence and hearing of His promises and caught up into His glory.

We have the opportunity, church, to run into God’s presence together not just to feel good but in order to come down off of these mountain top experiences and see God’s Holy Spirit at work pouring us out for the lost and found alike.

LORD, pour us out, use us as You please! Spend us as You see fit for Your glory!

We trust You, Oh King, to direct our steps!

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