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Jesus Retreat Centers Vision

How cool would it be to have contexts on say airbnb where people have material around encouraging a consideration of Christ… In time one could also have retreat centers where there is a Jesus oriented life and let’s say business coach who can be scheduled in to meet with you to help you along in your personal retreat ultimately with the LORD. Personal retreats are something many have never really gotten to enjoy, specifically with a little guidance and encouragement, and even more specifically aimed at hearing the Lord Jesus ministering to them through the Holy Spirit and in His Word in prayer and rest and peace. God does speak to Jesus’ followers, daily if they will just listen.

I’ll shoot to put together some Rumble Videos on this vision soon… Maybe a few folks would be open to helping me see these centers materialize in time. God will guide and lead!

My parents have had a context like this for some time for pastors and missionaries, so that’s part of what I’m praying for God to lead in, is continuing such a labor but possibly on a much broader scale. God leads though so we will see!


P.S. New cell is 209-703-0357… Beware that it’s a flip phone so best to just give me a call and say hello instead of sending links, etc.

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