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Wholeness in Heaven


What story has the most wholeness possible in one story? This is most definitely the true story of Jesus Christ. In Him we find the rare jewel of Christian contentment. What a vision, to think and know in one’s knower, that Jesus Christ is our identity, that He actually did die for the removal of our sinful identity and the installation of our true and eternal and beautiful identity as God’s children, bought with His blood. What a passion-instilling reality for the believer! We can be whole and real and true in this great Savior! We can know lasting peace, not the quiet kind that fades into the past, but the peace that presses us into the Beloved, in our Savior, to know God and be known and permeated by this God Who pursued us and won us with His own sacrifice of His body on a tree.

This morning I read about the wholeness available to us in Christ in God’s Word. I read portions of First and Second Chronicles as well as several cross-references in Acts, Luke, Romans, and elsewhere. I was caught up in the beauty of knowing that this same Jesus (this name for our Savior means Deliverer) prays for us before God the Father’s throne! We find our rest and wholeness in beholding and embracing His reality in our lives. We find a calm that changes us when we realize that He is so near through His promised Holy Spirit and through His Word. We can know this God because He purposed and followed through to make Himself known to us through Jesus Christ’s deliverance of all who trust in Him.

It’s my intension to share more posts occasionally like this, revealing the truths about our Savior as I discover them in Scripture. These are the themes of the believer’s life both here and in eternity. Something that came to mind this morning that applies to the theme of this blog is this: Like David, all followers/disciples of Jesus Christ have the opportunity to demonstrate this wholeness to a hurting world around them. Earth is not our home. Jesus Christ is our home. We know tastes of this right? Carrie and I regularly talk about this regarding our marriage. The structure we live in is not what we consider our home; we feel the same way about our son and any future children entering our “household”. A household is a family, not a building. We’ll often say, wherever we are together is considered our home. We are at home with one another as a family, content in the truer sense of the word content – full, joyful, enlivened even by the presence of the ones loved by us and who love us in return. The awe that comes over us about the at-homeness that we experience in Christ, the wholeness we can know in Him, is that Jesus Christ did all that was necessary for this reality. Our conduct now is a response to His initiation that continues even now through the fellowship of other believers, the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and the amazing balm and instruction of God’s Word.

Even more specifically, let’s look at what we can be for one another regarding this wholeness. Similar to the imperfect but real sense of wholeness and at-homeness that Carrie and I seek to cultivate as our relational home. We as believers have a perfect Head/Husband in Christ. As we work/labor together as close friends, really family in Christ, our labor of love, intensional life-on-life interactions bear the hope of Heaven with every endeavor. Why? Jesus Christ is praying for us and has provided so many means of grace. He is not a distant “head of household” Savior. No, He through the Spirit is working even inside of us to will and to work for His good pleasure. May we fall back into His good pleasure, celebrating this Deliverer, this Jesus Who has made Himself known. We can know God and be made more and more whole together as His children.

This is both the Gospel in the air and Gospel on the ground so-to-speak. As we celebrate Jesus Christ together, we can’t help but to experience a distancing from our old lusts and longed-for fetishes and a new and ever increasing enjoyment of beholding Jesus Christ together as His people. As we envision being with Him for eternity, celebrating Him as our true and living identity, we become more and more whole, and we can’t help but to want this wholeness for those we work with, meet day-to-day, encouraged, and befriend.

Let’s band together, friends, and draw near to God, and in so doing find wholeness that lasts.

This wholeness will naturally and ever-increasingly result in us worshiping God with all that we are. He is worthy of our full attention. He is all satisfying and all glorious.

– Torrey

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