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How We Spend our Weakness


This is a true story, but I plan to learn more details soon. For now, let’s benefit from his example and consider how we too can make good use of our weaknesses for God’s glory.

A pastor in my area lost his leg due to mal-practice in the hospital. His lawsuit settlement is in the multiple millions, and his intension is to give the large percentage of the proceeds away. He believes money is only a tool, not something to prize. His friend who told me this story also had a great deal of money at one point from a lawsuit and shared how he mis-spent these resources, and he said he was so encouraged and challenged by his friends use of his settlement.

Imagine for a moment losing your leg due to someone else’s mistake. Imagine seeing this as a kindness from God to bring resources into your access to further His kingdom purposes.

I’ve posted a chair missing a leg because his is what we think of our weakness too often, as unsettling and certainly a game ender instead of a game changer. When we are hampered and things seem to be over, may we remember that God has given us our weaknesses and sorrows as opportunities to trust and celebrate His worth, His value in our lives. He may take away limbs, health, comforts, family, friends, but if we can but trust and hold fast to Him, we can find ourselves spending these weaknesses as eternal wealth. True wealth is not money and material goods. It’s character shaping kindness from God.

I hope to today look for how my weaknesses are kindnesses from God. How can my weakness be used of God to connect me to the needs of others.

Much love, friends.

– Torrey

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