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Who Removes Shame

It’s all too common to see in our culture isn’t it?  SHAME.  We either pour it on or run from it or sulk in it’s shaddow.

What about the Redeemer?  He took all our sin and shame upon Himself when He hung on the Tree for us!  He bore our shame and was crushed by the Father, bearing the very holy wrath of God for us, taking our sins and bearing our guilt.

The more I counsel and encourage friends and community contacts, the more I find that shame is a huge concern and often becomes the leading reason for broken relationships.  Would you agree?  I’d love to hear your stories of where God has removed your shame and given you a hope and a future in magnifying the Lord with THANKSGIVING.

Shoot me an email when you can at to tell your stories if you’re comfortable.  Provide me with your phone number and we can discuss whether to publish your story here on this blog for the encouragement of others.

Thank you, friends!

– Torrey

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