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My Bride, My Helper

Periodically I’d like to take the liberty of posting about my family. Today I’d like to post a very simple and short introduction to why I feel my wife demonstrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it shows up here on the ground. Carrie Jane Moe, my bride, is beautiful and godly in so many praise-worthy ways. She is also humble and constantly aware of the worth of God and her desire to know Him more, stand in awe of Him, praise His worth, live for Him. Her seeking of His heart for our marriage, our son, her friendships, and her business is so worthy of my praise as her husband.

This is a picture of her in her artistic element. Carrie glows here doesn’t she? She really loves God’s creation and presenting His created beauty for other’s enjoyment in the best light possible for special events both for business and personal occasions. She’s constantly looking for ways to style and shine moments in ways that capture and refresh the attention of the beholder. Fortunate for me, I’m often the first to see these stunning presentations of God’s created beauty. She is first to appreciate the raw material of what she works with. God’s flowers of the field for instance catch her attention and hold her attention. She just marvels at what God has made for our enjoyment here, even in the midst of such hardships and sorrows and sinfulness. It’s such a wonder that God gives us such beauty even when we are so undeserving.

Now for a more personal side of my appreciation for Carrie, something most wouldn’t know from just seeing her amazing work on-line. Carrie is a deeply loving and compassionate friend. I’ve time and again felt the receiving end of her patience with me in particular. She says what’s true but then stays right there to see my response and love me through receiving the truth given to me in love. Recently she helped me through a struggle I was having, realizing that I needed to amp up my work ethic in my insurance agency. She helped me to realize that I was too quickly going toward being bi-vocational (pastoral and insurance agency owner) and that the pastoral calling and activity will come in time. God will provide and use me as He desires as I am faithful to build my company and provide for my family. She was so patient to sit with me and wrestle in prayer with me before the Lord. She heard out my honest confessions in this area and how I know I need to grow in this balance and consistency. She was gentle with me, made her own concessions, and encouraged me in the Lord. This is what it looks like to not just be a romantic wife but to also be a covenant bride, a godly sister in Christ, a friend to the end so-to-speak. She has born my fast-moving husbanding and responded with endurance. She rolls with my leadership and flexes, yet she humbly appeals to me to lead us into a broad path before the Lord. Carrie’s patience is incredible to me and God-given. She’s asked for it from the Lord and He has given it to her.

As a wife, mom, and friend, another thing people don’t see is how Carrie cares for so many regarding health consciousness and wisdom principles. Carrie and I are admittedly intense, and so it’s all the more necessary for us to watch out for our health and take care of ourselves and our son and any friends wanting our advice. She frequently finds herself thinking through articles and books, looking into answers for our health or the health of our friends and family.

These are just a few examples of how my wife lives out what God has called her to as a believer in Christ.

I love you, Carrie Jane.

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