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In the Gate

Mordecai in the book of Esther in the Bible is quite a fascinating character. How many times do we stop and appreciate how unusual a fellow he was and how he and Esther were able to work together under God’s provision and wisdom and direction to see God’s redeeming of His people.

Like Mordecai, how can each of us live “in the gate” so-to-speak? How can we too walk in humility and readiness to be used of the Lord. His humility and yet excellent living is so exciting to read about in the book of Esther. This is definitely one of my very favorite reads. The most quoted line is “for such a time as this” and yet we often use that for opportunities that are fresh and exciting… not possibly requiring our very life blood. Both Mordecai and Esther take huge risks and step out in faith to follow God, see Him magnified, and see their people preserved.

How can we more often step out in faith and live boldly for the glory of our God and the good of God’s people. We need to interact with one another as believers and really build close friendships and care for one another. Yet, we also need to stand in the gate of our communities, be involved in the “secular” aspects of our culture, tie into the happenings of our community but also our neighborhoods and towns. What’s happening around us? How can we be involved in shaping our culture? Where might we be called to speak up or quiet down and be all there, fully present, consistently loving and communicating God’s truth and grace in our society in a lasting way.

Mordecai was consistent, very consistent. He was available to not only his people but the current governing power of his time. He showed himself incredibly key to the protection of even the lead man, Ahasuerus. He saved his life! He lived a full and incredibly impactful life, even though some of his most impactful days were spent merely present and praying out in the community.

Are we showing ourselves as present and praying? Are we participating in what is happening in our communities? Are we spending ourselves and being spent for the good of God’s people like Paul the Apostle? He said he would most gladly spend and be spent for God’s people. I’m sure in his most invested and hungry and grief-stricken moments, Mordecai must have been feeling extremely spent, exausted, drained, even longing for his life to expire for the good of God’s people.

Imagine if we had this attitude of desire to spend ourselves for each other’s good more often. How much tighter would our community be, friends? Let’s follow our Savior and long for the good of one another, most importantly that we would walk humbly and faithfully before our awesome God in response to Jesus Christ’s finished work of salvation on the cross.

The story of Esther means so much more than just impressive living when seen through the eyes of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So too can our lives mean so much more than just holy living when seen through the lenses of God’s Word and God’s Holy Spirit. God uses us to will and to work for His good pleasure. How much more fulfilling are our lives together as His people as God uses us to care for one another and to seek and to save the lost.

Enjoy your Sunday, friends!

– Torrey

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