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My family and I enjoy life in Central California among the treasures of this fine state, our neighbors and extended family members. We are both business owners and deeply enjoy our friends and clients and above all one another. We seek to cultivate Gospel community wherever God places us and create fellowship around Jesus Christ in each context of life together. As an insurance agent for a well known company, I enjoy a flexible schedule for unpaid and/or paid coaching/counseling. It's my joy to provide life coaching and professional coaching for any desiring my time. My primary long-term focus is living an example of un-paid caring ministry with my wife and children, showing other believers that it can be done and deeply enjoyed, the life of FREE service to a lost and dying world as well as discouraged and confused followers of Jesus. We are right there with those we serve, struggling, wrestling, needing Jesus desperately and experiencing the grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ given to us by God Himself.